Portable Stand

The best support that fits in your backpack

Here you can find a pdf with instructions to create your own cardboard.


You can use it as a stand for the secondary screen, or as a standing desk.


Made of cardboard. Environmentally friendly and very light. You won't notice it in your backpack.


It folds very easy and fast. As easy as opening and putting your screen or laptop on top.


Standing Desk

It is not good to always work sitting down. Now you can work standing up anywhere you go.


Avoid carrying unnecessary weight

You have an elevated monitor, you can use the keyboard and trackpad of your laptop. No need for an external keyboard or mouse.


Avoid neck pain

By being able to have a monitor at your eye level, you avoid having to look down. It is more ergonomic, avoids bad posture and unnecessary pain.


Fits in your backpack

It folds very simply and takes up very little space. Ideal to go to work in the coffee shop, coworking or for digital nomads.

Portable monitors

You don't have a portable monitor?

Here are the best portable monitors you can find for use with this cardboard.
From cheap monitors to the most expensive and highest quality ones.

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